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  • "Great work, efficient and very knowledgeable. Kiersten went out of her way to answer all of our questions, there were many. Easy to work with, courteous, professional and fees were reasonable. Highly recommended and we will be using them in the future....thank you Kiersten!!"
  • "I highly recommend working with Kiersten and Drew. They were professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. Kiersten went out of her way several times for us without even being asked to. It was a pleasure working with them and I would contact them again for other work when/if necessary."
  • "As a small developer and redevelopment company, we were seeking a continuing relationship with capable and competent engineers to assist with the early phases of our construction projects, but what we found in Omland & Osterkorn, Inc. has far exceeded the expectations of our budget. Aside from the science and creativity, O-O brings energy, fresh ideas and the latest tech as well as cost planning and savings to our projects. Their “engineer-thinking,” professionalism and collaborative efforts are unrivaled, and they’ve been micro-attentive to our scheduling and budgetary concerns. I rate and recommend them highly."
  • "I spoke to several surveyors before having the good luck of finding Kiersten and her team. Such a pleasure to work with. Quick, reliable and very detail-oriented. Kiersten went out of her way to get me what I needed and on time. A big thank you!"
  • "I had previously worked with other Engineers but will always recommend Kiersten and her team from now on. I am thrilled that I found them. They are very timely in their communication and work. The designs are very professional and they always seem to go above and beyond the scope of the project to help and ensure everything goes smoothly."
  • "We were putting in a fence and the town required an updated survey. The original survey on our property was from the 1970s and wasn't to scale. I called at least 10 places, and all quoted some astronomical prices. Kiersten pulled up our property and told us that there was a survey done 10 years ago by a different company and to reach out to them to see if it could be re-certified to us. She did not have to do any of that and could have just quoted us whatever price like all the other companies. We did as she told us and did not have to pay a penny. Honestly, she restored my faith in humanity!"
  • "Omland & Osterkorn have been amazing, there price is the best around. They get back to you very fast, they were very helpful explaining to me what property survey was and even sent me an example of a survey. They also try to schedule you in asap. Payment was easy and simple."
  • "Excellent service and very detail oriented. All items requested by town were addressed perfectly. Thanks again!"
  • "Awesome job. Very comprehensive survey. Short turn around time. Very helpful. Easy to work with. Highly recommended."
  • "Great from the start. Kiersten promptly tackled my LOMA form for a small home equity loan I have. Better to let a pro fill it out and deal with FEMA if your home is not in flood zone but part of property is. Could not be more happy with her handling the problem. Will be repeating the processes for our dads house with her that has same issue! If you want good service and a kind sympathetic ear give them a call."

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Engineering Firm Reviews in Bergen County, NJ