Engineering Services in NJ

Engineering Services in NJ

Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering design firm that provides professional engineering services in NJ. We offer services for a variety of different clients including: residential and commercial developers, homeowners, contractors, architects, attorneys, title companies, NJ municipalities and more.

Omland & Osterkorn offers a variety of engineering services in New Jersey including:

Engineering Design Services

  • Due diligence studies
  • Site analysis & concept planning
  • Stormwater management design
  • Sanitary sewer design
  • Water system design
  • Landscape design
  • Lighting design
  • Septic designs
  • Earthwork analysis

Permitting Services in New Jersey

  • NJDEP Flood hazard approvals
  • NJDEP Treatment works (sanitary) approvals
  • NJDEP Watermain extension approvals
  • County Planning Board
  • County Soil Conservation District
  • Municipality plot/pool/grading permits
  • Municipality soil movement permit
  • Municipality tree removal permit

AutoCAD Civil 3D Services in New Jersey

  • Red line markups
  • CAD design staffing
  • 3D site modelling
  • Rendering exhibits
  • Aerial renderings

Site Survey Services

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Title Surveys
  • Major and Minor Subdivision Plats
  • Existing Conditions Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout Surveys

Easement Surveys in New Jersey

  • Wetland Flagging Surveys
  • Set property corners/monuments
  • Stake property lines

Plot Plans

  • Single-Family home grading plans including pool grading plans

Expert Testimony

  • Engineering Reports
  • Planning/Zoning Board representation
  • Site Plan Reviews

For more information on our engineering services in NJ, please contact our engineering firms office at 973-647-7820..

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Engineering Services in NJ